Eriochem was born in Argentina and, over time, has extended its commercial reach to include Latin America, Asia Pacific and North American including the USA. Eriochem is respected and recognized around the world for its compelling portfolio of oncology generic and supergeneric products.

The headquarters, and main production plant, is located in Entre Rios province, Argentine Republic, strategic corridor of Mercosur.

Eriochem is present in Brazil as ERIOCHEM ZENITEC. Business offices and a quality control laboratory that focuses on assuring the quality of products commercialized in the territory are located in the state of Sao Paulo.

The company also has a commercial office in Uruguay called ERIOCHEM SZ located in Canelones. Construction of a new Pharmaceutical Plant has been started there as well. This plant will comply with the most demanding requirements of regulatory agencies around the world and will utilize “state of the art” equipment and processes.

A new strategic focus for Eriochem is to expand our commercial and institutional presence in the United States of America. To facilitate our success a new company is being formed: ERIOCHEM USA. This company will specialize in the commercialization and registration of products in this territory and the management of our alliances with US partners.

Production for highly regulated markets. Eriochem produces both active pharmaceutical ingredients and oncology products in finished dosage form that meet the most stringent quality standards of compliance agencies around the world. Our facilities have been inspected and our products have been approved by diligent and respected regulatory bodies including EMEA and US FDA. Eriochem’s products are currently marketed or under registration in more than 90 countries.

Innovation and creativity. The Product Development Group at Eriochem is divided into three teams. Each team is focused on a different technology area: sustained release products; “difficult to make” generic products; and “super generic” products. Eriochem also has a basic research group exploring ways to utilize nanotechnology in pharmaceutical products. Eriochem has an in-house Intellectual Property Office dedicated to the registration and control of numerous patents around the world. This group also reviews and analyzes the IP of other companies to enable the development of formulations that can accelerate the launch date of important products.

A Reliable Strategic Partner. Eriochem’s commitment to quality and ability to execute and manage projects reliably and with due speed has made the company an attractive strategic partner for some of the most important pharmaceutical companies globally. Eriochem is proud of its portfolio of successful sales and license agreements with local and multinational companies around the world.