R&D, the lifeblood of our organization, consists of an efficient team of dedicated research scientists and doctors that use innovation and creativity to continuously work on new products and processes.

ERIOCHEM patents are approved in the most demanding countries of the world, and the development of the processes carried out by our team are testimony enough of the high competence, flexibility and innovative capacity.

R&D have developed, optimized and patented the processes that ERIOCHEM uses in manufacturing products: Lectrum® (Leuprolide Acetate Depot) 3.75 and 7.5mg (United States Patent Nº 6,534,094, Moyano, et al., March 18, 2003, “Manufacturing process of microcapsules for sustained release of water soluble peptides”. Equivalent: EP 1,151,748) and Vinorelbine Tartrate USP/Pharmeurope (EP 01100018.9; Publication Nº 1.118616, Eriochem SA, “Method for the production of 5´-Nor-anhydrovinblastine ditartrate from plants of genus Catharantus and industrial scale procedure”).
You can check the full list of ERIOCHEM Patents in Patents section.

The dynamism and creativity of our R&D team has allowed our young company to achieve its true successes:
• Lectrum®, first generic of Leuprolide Acetate Depot in the world.
• Approval of our patent processes in the most important worldwide markets.